An old computer monitor with a rainbow of patterns surrounding it.

The Digital Realm. 2022, Digital.

A collage of old vintage advertisements.

World of Whimsy. 2022, Digital.

A victorian style house made of linework.

Baby, You're A Haunted House. 2022, Digital.

swirling lines on an orange background

My Mind is Swirling. 2022, Digital.

a hand holding an envelope. the hand is pierced with an arrow.

Page of Hearts. 2022, Digital.

A blonde girl wearing a pink beret

Beret Girl. 2022, Digital.

A motif pattern of vines. Some have thorns and some have flowers.

Motif Pattern. 2022, Digital.

A postcard invitation for a housewarming party on Kepler 22-b.

Housewarming. 2022, Digital.

An idle animation of a cat wearing a wizard hat

Cat Sprite, Idle Animation. 2021, Digital.

A portrait of Sims character Bella Goth

Portrait of Bella Goth. 2020, Digital.

A dark bedroom with an open window, the outside is much more vibrant.

What Lies Beyond. 2019, Digital.

An accordian book featuring a desert scene at night

The Desert at Night. 2019, Gouche on Bristol Board.

An icon of a mammoth

Mammoth Icon. 2018, Digital.